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company culture
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company culture

★to promote "study hard, continuous improvement, and create value" as the core of Donghong learning culture;

Donghong people love learning, the pursuit of continuous improvement and development.

The company combines learning and personal development needs and interests of the dual meet, make continuous efforts to create more value to become their own person.

★ "serious, obedience, dedication, quick and efficient" as the core of the Donghong execution culture.

Donghong people will never immoderation, companies and individuals are looking forward to be able to give full play ability and capacity to make use of local companies in need, and the best way is to carefully understand the higher purpose and intent, positive recommendations and comments, matters have decision-making process of attention to detail, no discount obedience execution, work together to ensure, at a specified time using a predetermined method to achieve the intended purpose.

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