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Brand History
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Brand History


In July 2007, the company incorporated name: Guangzhou Dong Jie Rubber Products Co., Ltd., the registered capital of 500,000;

In December 2007, in accordance with provisions of the Constitution and the resolution to modify the company's shareholders after the meeting, the company registered capital of 3 million yuan to change position;


In 2008, the company changed its name to Guangzhou Donghong rubber&plastic products Co.,Ltd;

In 2008, It entered the Chinese Association of Plastic fluorine plastics processing professional member of the Committee;


In 2009 the company passed the ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification;

In 2009, the company successfully applied for a national SME Technology Innovation Fund (project codes: 09C26214405167);

In 2009, applications for invention patents, patent name: a super-wide book-fluoro PTFE orientation film, patent number: ZL200910037252.0, Patent Title: an antistatic PTFE film and preparation method, Patent number: ZL200910037154.7;

In 2010, after years of painstaking research, we have successfully developed an annual output of 250 tons of Teflon products technology and production capacity.


In 2013, the company name changed to: Guangzhou Donghong Fluorine&Plastic Technology Co.,Ltd

2013 get Luogang District production safety standards, the record number: 440116 (2013) AJ00432 No..

In 2013 the company received national defense weapons and equipment research and production units issued by "three units of security qualification certificate" (Guangdong dense recognize Commission (2013) No. 50 article), and enter the Guangzhou weapons production and research group leader, presided over the company in 2018 coordination of exchanges and cooperation meetings.


2014 Guangdong Province pollutant discharge permits, number: No. 440,116,214,003,138 file.

In 2014, the company in Guangzhou listed equity trading center, stock code 890655.


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