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Customer Innovation
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Customer Innovation

Donghong researchers maintain long-standing relationship with customers, based on customers’ demand, use of the environment and component life material, combined with the Donghong rich R & D and operational capabilities, providing customers with new and material selection of personalized solutions, and to ensure that all solutions is designed to meet the most stringent safety standards, and tailor-made innovative products.

Donghong cooperated with customers throughout, the launch customer for a number of services, including materials design, product structure analysis and so on. In this process, with the Donghong research and innovation, and comprehensive knowledge network, we have a unique advantage: the ability to help customers fast and high-quality design and provide samples for customers to test, and in a short time according to customer requirements for product targeted optimization and improvement.

Meanwhile, Donghong to the potential market demand for the source of innovative ideas and actively seek and analyze customer needs and quickly find the appropriate way to resolve, after the commodity into the market. East Wang strive to provide customers with product innovation advanced technology platform to create significant value for customers and achieve win-win situation.

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