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Fluorine materials have excellent chemical resistance, weather resistance and low permeability and other characteristics. It prevents chemical plants, incinerators and other plants where transportation, manufacturing process, corrosion of metals, extend equipment life, reduce the frequency of accidents.

In addition, with vehicle emission standards, increasingly stringent environmental requirements of the automotive components increasingly high performance requirements, and fluorine materials heat, oil and fuel with low permeability that it uses in the automotive sector are increasingly widespread.

Modern life, the aircraft has become the tool of choice for long-distance travel. Donghong fluorine coating ZEFFLE is its excellent water resistance and weather resistance to ensure the safety of flight. At the same time, Donghong fluorine materials produced by the wire with its superior radiation, weather resistance to ensure the normal communication, allowing you to experience the leisurely journey enjoyable.

Set excellent weather resistance, corrosion resistance and high decoration in one of the water-based Donghong fluorine  coating  as a bridge-building at home and abroad have made outstanding contributions to the protection of the substrate, while nice.

Twelfth Five-Year Plan, the construction of high-speed rail network towards becoming a modern banner. POLYFLON PTFE sliding bridge pad is made to ensure the smooth and safe running of trains; NEOFLON FEP wire to make the railway system provides an efficient, secure signal transmission environment.

Chemical industry safety is always the focus of the society. Donghong fluorine material (POLYFLON / NEOFLON) for its excellent chemical resistance, not only to protect the pipeline, tank corrosion chemicals, but also in factory emissions, waste water treatment plays a vital role in protecting chemical practitioners personnel, protection of the environment.

Increasingly stringent fuel regulations change on the reliability of the material, a higher sealing requirements. DAI-EL / POLYFLON PTFE manufacturing all kinds of sealing products for the automotive industry's progress provides an excellent solution.

Water treatment technology in today's increasingly scarce water resources, increasingly important, and membrane separation technology has become a vital force in the water treatment industry. Use NEOFLON PVDF membrane material manufactured, high mechanical strength, environmental stability, chemical stability, outstanding dielectric properties, chemical resistance, heat resistance, high precision and high separation efficiency, water in membrane separation processing field has broad application prospects.

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