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Energy and Power
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Energy and Power

Due to superior performance fluoride materials, making it both in solar power, wind power, thermal power, or different forms of energy demand, can play an irreplaceable role.

Thermal etching gas emissions has become a major threat to the environment. Gas POLYFLON PTFE filter bags made effective in reducing dust emissions; and provide more attentive care for the heat exchange system and energy saving systems.

The oil crisis and the increasingly serious environmental pollution, the development of efficient and clean energy is imminent. Fluorine-containing electrolyte lithium batteries can provide 2 times higher than ordinary lithium batteries, eight times higher than conventional zinc battery anode output power, but also has a wider operating temperature and excellent security.

In substation fluorine POLYFLON PTFE material being excellent arc resistance, insulation resistance, low dielectric constant, low dielectric loss to ensure the normal operation of power transmission and substation normal.

The proportion of solar power in the new energy accounted growing, while the solar cell backsheet directly determines the life of the solar cell module. Use double-sided coated ZEFFLE battery back film with excellent resistance to aging (moist heat, dry heat, ultraviolet), electrical insulation, vapor barrier properties, durability can reach up to 50 years, a significant reduction in the cost of electricity.

With the deepening of global sustainable development, wind power emerged as the most valuable industrial development of renewable energy. In the wind turbine blades and pillars coated ZEFFLE paint, because of its good weather, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, can effectively protect the blade and pillar against sand, wind, ultraviolet erosion, increasing its use life.

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