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Life science
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Life science

To offer people convenient, high quality of life, using  fluorine chemical products from the business office to home life, constantly penetrated into every corner of our lives.

Fluoride products are constantly come into our lives and become a good helper of human life.  It easy to solve all kinds of life grease, stains issues; fluoride materials NEOFLON made to warm the heating line, with its excellent flame resistance, insulation, heat resistance, to ensure safe use.

With the deterioration of the global warming, urban heat island effect and other issues, energy-saving environmental protection has become a new proposition future buildings. In the building roof insulation coatings, the indoor temperature can be maintained stable, thus reducing air conditioning load, reduce energy consumption and CO₂ emissions. Meanwhile, The coating with excellent weather resistance and stain resistance long, long-term to maintain the appearance and thermal insulation of buildings, the useful life of 15--20 years.

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