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Electronic communication is very important for a city, it is a manifestation of the way social processes. In today's fast-growing cities, the infrastructure to ensure the continuous progress of every person, every community, every city efforts. Donghong fluorine chemical industry is also committed to continuously develop new areas of fluoride products provide effective solutions to make the city better.

In an unprecedented explosion of information, communication technology is increasingly innovation today, and constantly improve communications band, the base station uses the coaxial cable is also toward the cluster and low loss forward. Use POLYFLON PTFE / NEOFLON FEP cables produced with good high-frequency properties, electrical properties and weather resistance, it is possible to efficiently transmit the signal to eliminate signal loss.

Efficient and secure office automation is the first step to enhance business efficiency. Add POLYFLON PTFE anti-dripping agents and additives LUBRON office automation equipment enclosure can improve flame retardant grade and wear characteristics, making the device safer resistant POLYFLON PTFE / NEOFLON FEP production of office equipment cables with excellent electrical characteristics and high frequency characteristics, data can be efficiently transmitted.

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