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Adress:16#XianTang Road, Yonghe Development Zone ,Luogang District ,Guangzhou,Guangdong Province ,CHINA

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Company Profile

Guangzhou Donghong Fluorine Plastic Technology Co.,Ltd was founded in 2007 November 18 th Our company covers an area of 14000 square metres It now emplys more than 100 employees, In which senior professional titles accounting for 40%. The company is China Plastics Association of fluorine plastics processing professional member of the committee. We have officially adopted the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification. In 2009,we have won two proprietary technologies and one national R&D projects and supported by the State Ministry of Science and Technology Innovation Fund. At the same time ,we have established the industry –university-institute cooperation relationship with Zhongshan university ,South China University of technology and some other well-known colleges and universities .We are military enterprises too.We have 3-level secrecy qualification certification on reseach &manufacturing National Defense Weapons & Equipment.

DongHong has been committed to research,develop and product new materials fluorine plastic,fluorine rubber ,fluorine silicone rubber and some other composite materials. Now ,the company is in the leading place with regard to the throughput, technology and administration. Donghong have a powful professional technology reseach &development and management personel high-quality team which including academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, professor, Senior Engineer, Young and middle-aged, college student etc. We have a whole set of advanced specialized production and exquisite products testing equipment

Our products are widely used in aeroplace, military industry, automobile, shipbuilding, communications electronics, environmental protection equipment,IT industry ,photovoltaic products, electronic appliances, general machinery , special wire and cable, etc. we have gained an excellent reputation in the domestic industry ,have been recognized and respected by the users and people in this industry

The dream of all the Donghong people is to let Donghong becoming the China’s first industry brand,the best fluorine plastics enterprise in industry value,and constantly promotion and transcending in our daily work. Strives for the survival by the quality,seek development by innovation,continuously exceed customer’s expectations is our eternal pursuit

Guangzhou Donghong Fluorine &Plastic Technology Co.,Ltd. Make your success.

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